Apple Recalls Beats Pill XL Speakers Due To Fire Hazard

beatspillXLcompositeWhen you spend a few hundred dollars on a portable speaker, you probably assume that you’re buying a quality piece of electronics that will sound nice and not overheat and catch fire when it’s not supposed to. That is not the case for the Beats Pill XL, a signature product for the headphone company, which is now part of Apple.

The Beats Pill XL went on sale in early January 2014, and Apple’s purchase of the company happened in August of that year. Today, Apple announced that they’re recalling all of the speakers after eight reports of overheated units. One burned a customer’s finger, and another damaged a customer’s desk.

The speaker is a recognizable product, which could be in any of five different colors: black, white, pink, metallic sky, or titanium. (Those last two are sightly different shades of gray.) The recalled version has the product name on its carrying handle.

If you own one, returning the item to Apple for a refund or for store credit is your only option. Confusingly, the Pill XL appears to still be available for sale from Apple, but that may be an updated version.

If you have questions about the recall, call Apple at (800) 275-2273, or visit the recall site to read more about it or to request a postage-paid box to mail yours back.

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