Watch Young Kid Go On 3-Minute Dollar Store-Destroying Rampage

Have you ever been so fed up by life that you just wanted to run amok in a retail store, ripping items off shelves and pulling down displays? No? Well, you’re apparently not the youngster in this video.

The above clip [via Reddit] (Note: NSFW language in the cameraman’s spirited play-by-play narration) features a young boy laying waste to the shelves of a dollar store.

He pulls items off the shelves, throws them to the floor, without any attempt to disguise his actions or any apparent fear of being caught.

When people, presumably store employees, catch on to what’s going on, they try to corner the kid, but he tries to escape through the stockroom (into which the vertical videographer follows). There’s no exit, but he is able to avoid capture.

At this point, he actually begins running through the store until he once again pauses to tear down a cardboard display.

Eventually he’s trapped in an aisle between two young men.

“Get back!” he warns the one man in front of him, while threatening to throw an object at him. “I’m not afraid to do it!”

What he didn’t notice was the bigger man walking up behind him, who was able to snatch the kid, saying “I ain’t either” as he uses the youngster’s shirt to take him out of the building and into the parking lot.

We’re trying to find out more about this video. If we get any additional info, we’ll let you know.

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