From Guacamole To Coffee To Beef To Bourbon, Your Favorite Things Will Cost More In 2015

While the prices on certain things will inevitably decrease in the coming year — like the cost of my 1989 Daihatsu Charade or the amount of money I need to spend on shampoo — lots of things are expected to get pricier. Unfortunately, a number of these more expensive items are probably on many of your “things I really enjoy” lists. has a rundown of more than a dozen items that will likely see a price hike in the coming year, some because they’re more in-demand, others because of resource shortages, and others because they are plane tickets whose pricing is a mystery.

The list is a big bummer to sybarites on a budget, as some of your indulgences are undoubtedly included.

There’s bourbon, which may or may not be experiencing a bona find shortage, but which has definitely seen increased sales in recent years. And when you have a higher demand on a product that takes years to age properly, prices are going to go up regardless of whether the shortage is real or manufactured.

To go along with your pricier bourbon, how about a more expensive steak or pork tenderloin? Or you could just enjoy that Bourbon Caramel shake from Red Robin. However you choose to pair your meat and booze, be prepared to pay more as the already soaring price of beef and pork will continue to rise.

And what party is complete without guacamole? Probably a lot of them if the predicted avocado shortage happens and prices rise in 2015. The higher cost of avocados was already one of the contributors to Chipotle’s first menu price change in years.

When dessert rolls around, we hope you don’t crave too much chocolate, because the world is apparently short on that too, with farmers in Africa taking a hit from too-dry weather and a fungus that wiped out a third of their crops.

If you can’t have chocolate, at least you’ll be able to enjoy a post-dinner coffee, right? Yes, but it will probably continue to cost you more, following a drought in Brazil.

And don’t plan on getting away from it all — at least not cheaply — as airfares are expected to continue to rise in price even while the cost of jet fuel sinks. Perhaps the mere threat of a federal investigation will start a price war among the tiny number of domestic airlines still operating, but until then don’t expect too many deals next year.

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