Former Salvation Army Bell Ringer Offers $21K To Return Widow’s Donated Wedding Rings

Remember the story of the widow who donated her wedding rings to the Salvation Army? One good turn deserves another, as another anonymous donor is stepping up to buy the rings for $21,000 — so she can return them to their generous owner.

The diamond engagement ring the woman placed in a kettle in Boston with a note that the jewelry should be sold and the proceeds used to buy toys for need kids was valued at about $1,500 on its own, reports the Associated Press, but its new buyer is shelling out more than 10 times that for the ring and the wedding band that goes with it.

The buyer is also a widow, who says the rings should go back where they belong.

“I want to be involved in this because it’s about the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving,” the buyer told the Salvation Army. “My wish is that the rings can be returned to this woman who gave them up in memory of her husband for the sake of children at Christmas.”

The rings got multiple offers, but the $21,000 bid won out, said a Massachusetts Salvation Army Major.

“One expression of love has inspired another grand gesture to help those in need during the holiday season,” he said. “Because of these two amazing individuals, our Salvation Army officers, staff and individuals will be able to extend our outreach to the many families and children in need. We are dedicated to fulfilling the sentiment behind these two heartfelt donations.”

The only problem is that the Salvation Army doesn’t know the name of the original donor. They’re now hoping she comes forward, a rep for the group says.

“We’re hoping this incredibly generous person reaches out so we can set up a very quiet meeting” to return the rings, he said.

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