Chipotle Hiking Prices For First Time In Three Years Because It’s Just So Popular

Chipotle knows you like it, there’s no need to be coy. And because its popularity is growing, the company seems pretty confident customers will still come back for tacos and burritos once it raises prices for the first time in three years. And you all helped it feel that way, so good job…?

The chain said today it’s hiking prices in the “mid-single digits” percentage, reports the Associated Press, so we’re going to guess they’re going up about 5%.

Menu boards displaying the new prices should be up in all restaurants in the early part of the first quarter, which means right around now, reports the Associated Press.

Chipotle’s co-CEO Steve Ells says customers don’t come to the restaurant because of its prices, anyway.

“Most of the value comes from the experience,” Ells said, adding that the company had earned “permission” from customers to raise prices because of that experience. And if it wanted to, Chipotle could keep raising those prices without pushing people away.

“We’ve still got room,” he said.

Food costs money, and with rising prices for beef, avocados and cheese, Chipotle is trying to make sure it’s still making a nice tasty profit.

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