Tokyo Restaurant Banning Couples On Christmas Eve So Singles Don’t Have To Remember They’re Lonely

Are you in the mood for love? Simply because you’re near the reason for that pitter-patter of delight and that longing ache to caress the face of your significant other, as if you could soothe the worries of the world from his/her dear brow? Well cut it out. No one needs to be reminded they’re single, especially on Christmas Eve, and one Tokyo restaurant wants none of it this year.

A restaurant in Tokyo has announced by way of a sign in its window that it’s not going to serve couples on Christmas Eve, reports The Telegraph, because their happiness will make any single patron in the room remember how gut-wrenchingly alone they are, how they’ve always been alone, how they were fools to think THIS year would be different oh god oh god.

You get the point — here’s the sign on Twitter:

If you can’t read that, it says: “We will be refusing entry to all couples on December 24, with no exceptions!”

I take exception to the “no exceptions” part though — perhaps unhappy couples should be allowed, thus reminding singles that hey, at least they don’t have to deal with constant nagging and a stubborn refusal to do even the simplest things for anyone else.

It’s also bad to have couples around when restaurant staff have to work on Christmas Eve, as the sweet-talking twosomes “would cause severe emotional trauma to members of our staff.”

A worker who spoke to The Telegraph seems to be on board with this campaign against romance.

“To start with, someone said we should ban couples as a bit of a joke, but then we realized that it’s true,” he said. “If you are single on Christmas Eve, then it’s easy to get down.”

Though Christmas isn’t traditionally celebrated in Japan and is just another working day, recently Christmas Eve has become a time for young couples to give each other gifts and have a meal together.

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