Widow Puts Her Diamond Ring In Salvation Army Kettle (On Purpose)

While we’ve heard our fair share of stories where wedding rings or other jewelry accidentally end up in donations bins or tip jars, this time a diamond ring was placed in a Salvation Army Kettle entirely on purpose, as an act of charity from an anonymous widow who said donated it in honor of her late husband.

A Boston branch of the group found the surprise sparkler in a red donation kettle outside North Station last week, reports the Associated Press.

The ring, valued at $1,500, came with a note where the woman wrote the she hoped the ring would be sold and the money used to buy toys for needy kids. She added that her husband always had a giving spirit, even more so during the holidays.

“To honor his memory, I donate this ring. I’m hoping there’s someone out there who made lots of money this year and will buy the ring for 10 times its worth,” the note read.” After all, there’s no price on love or the sentimental value of this ring. But money will help the kids. May everyone have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!” her note read.

A Salvation Army rep said that the group is happy to have the “incredible” donation as a way to spread cheer.

“We’re so moved and incredibly grateful to the generous individual who made such a loving and kind donation,” he said. “This heartwarming gift boosts all of our staff, bell-ringers and volunteers.”

Anonymous widow places diamond ring in Salvation Army kettle outside Boston’s North Station [Associated Press]

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