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Federal Jury Awards Tiffany Another $8.2 Million In Costco Ring Dispute

Last week, a federal jury found in favor of the high-end jewelry brand Tiffany, concluding that Costco’s 2012 collection of “Tiffany” engagement rings was a trademark infringement, and wasn’t just the name of a popular diamond setting. The jury awarded $5.5 million in actual damages to Tiffany for the infringing ring sales, and has now awarded the jeweler $8.25 million in punitive damages for infringing on the brand’s copyright. [More]

Leanne J

Jury Decides Costco Owes Tiffany $5.5M Over Alleged Copycat Rings

Since 2012, Costco and Tiffany have been fighting in court over the question of whether “Tiffany” describes a jewelry company and a prestigious brand, or a just a style of diamond solitaire ring. The case finally reached a jury this month, and the jury’s verdict is that Costco owes Tiffany $5.5 million in compensation, and an amount yet to be decided in punitive damages. [More]


Widow Puts Her Diamond Ring In Salvation Army Kettle (On Purpose)

While we’ve heard our fair share of stories where wedding rings or other jewelry accidentally end up in donations bins or tip jars, this time a diamond ring was placed in a Salvation Army Kettle entirely on purpose, as an act of charity from an anonymous widow who said donated it in honor of her late husband. [More]

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Christmas Tree Lot Volunteer Spots Diamond Ring & Gets To Play Santa Claus By Returning It

Silly diamonds — they’re constantly going around getting themselves lost, which is a bummer for the owners. But then when they make their way back, it’s all sweetness and light and isn’t Christmas the best? That was the case for a woman who lost a ring given to her by her rekindled flame, an elementary school sweetheart. [More]

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Man To Move Out Of The Dog House After $23K Ring He Accidentally Sold Is Returned

If you love something, you should let it go and see if it comes back to you because that’s true love, right? But if the something happens to be a $23,000 diamond ring your husband accidentally sold for a couple bucks at a garage sale, letting it go is no fun. Luckily for one California couple, that valued item did return after the Internet caught wind of the situation. [More]

Invoking eBay Buyer Protection? Don't Use Multiple Accounts

Invoking eBay Buyer Protection? Don't Use Multiple Accounts

Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea for De to purchase a diamond ring over eBay. But the site does have protections for buyers, and is notorious for siding with buyers in the case of a dispute. Just not in his case. Even though he got to deal with one of the rarest of beasts: an actual eBay employee over the phone, asking questions about the item using one eBay account and then using another to make the purchase was too much for eBay to understand. [More]

Costco Selling $1 Million Diamond Ring

Costco Selling $1 Million Diamond Ring

If you’re a rich baron of industry out to impress your beloved with a pricey piece of jewelry, forget Tiffany’s. Go to Costco. They’re selling a big ‘ol 6.77 ct diamond solitaire ring for $1,000,000. And true to form, it’s a bargain. The piece has been valued at $1,601,875. [More]