Most Of The Stuff You Want For Christmas Will Be Cheaper After Christmas

What’s on your wish list this holiday season? Without even looking, we’re guessing that clothing, home electronics, fitness equipment, and computers are on lots of folks’ lists. But if you’re looking to actually save money on these items, maybe it’s best to wait until after Dec. 25 to open your gifts.

This is according to DealNews, which calls out all of these popular product types as items that will be less expensive after the holidays.

“Apparel is the one item you absolutely shouldn’t buy before Christmas,” writes DealNews, which points out that nearly half of all after-Christmas sales are clothing-related, and that these are often the deepest clothing discounts you’ll see all year. This rule seems to apply to everything from basic stuff you’d buy at Old Navy to luxury pieces you’ll still pay a lot for at Brooks Brothers and Betsey Johnson.

And while exercise equipment might seem like a great gift for someone looking to stick to that new year’s weight-loss resolution, you will probably do a better job of sticking to your resolution to save money if you wait until January, as stores traditionally slash prices in these cold winter months.

That first week of January, when most people are just trying to make it through the work week, knowing they won’t have time off or anything to celebrate for months, the entire consumer electronics world (including a trio of Consumerist writers) will be looking at all the fancy new TVs, computers, dishwashers, and gadgets at International CES in Las Vegas.

And just as Samsung, Sony, LG, and everyone else unleashes their new lines for the coming year, many stores will begin slashing prices on their current stock to make room. So this is generally a good time to save on computers and appliances. Of course, everyone knows by now that the best deals on big-ass TVs isn’t until after the Super Bowl in February.

The post-holiday months are also a time for furniture stores to start clearing out inventory in advance of the new lines. So if you’re loved one wants a new couch or dining room table, ask them how much more they’ll love you when you can get that gift at 60% off.

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