Barnes & Noble Will Buy Back Microsoft’s Share Of The Nook Business

At first upon hearing that Barnes & Noble will be buying back the stake Microsoft bought in its Nook business in 2012, one might have the idea that Barnes & Noble really believes in the Nook again. But no, it’s just bringing the e-reader business back into the fold so it can prepare to spin it off in a sale next year.

More than two years ago, Barnes & Noble sold off about a $300 million chunk to Microsoft in an effort to revive Nook with new blood.

But soon, Microsoft will be handed back around $62.4 million, reports Businessweek, along with around 2.7 million shares of Barnes & Noble for the 18% stake it bought in April 2012.

After the spinoff, which is expected to be wrapped up by August, Microsoft will get another payment.

Barnes & Noble has been struggling with the problem of what to do with Nook, which has been struggling for years as part of the company’s overall retail business. Investors have pushed B&N to release Nook into the wild on its own, as they believe it could be more profitable that way.

The stores aren’t doing too well either as it tries to compete with Amazon, as sales have slumped 2.7% in the second quarter.

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