Barnes & Noble Pulls Latest Nook Over Faulty Charger

Barnes & Noble Pulls Latest Nook Over Faulty Charger

Less than two months after Barnes & Noble launched its latest Nook tablet, the company has pulled the devices from physical and online stores after reports that the tablet’s charging adapter contains a flaw.  [More]

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Barnes & Noble Decides New CEO ‘Was Not A Good Fit’

Barnes & Noble is ditching its CEO of about a year, Ronald Boire, saying in a statement today that he “was not a good fit for the organization” and that the company would begin their search for a new CEO immediately. [More]

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Barnes & Noble Is Opening 4 New Prototype Stores, Closing Fewer Than Expected

It was just three years ago that Barnes & Noble announced that it planned to close about one-third of the 689 stores that it had at the time by 2023. Things have apparently changed in the book business since then, because the bookstore chain announced today that it will open four new stores and close eight by the end of the year. [More]


Barnes & Noble Decides To Keep Nook Instead Of Spinning It Off As Planned

Barnes & Noble apparently isn’t ready to let go of Nook, announcing today that while it’ll still be spinning off its college textbook business as planned, it’ll be holding on to its e-book division after all. [More]

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Can’t Go To Sleep At Night? It Might Be Your iPad, Kindle Or Nook’s Fault

If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep after reading a few chapters of the latest can’t-put-it-down book, the bright light emitted from your eReader may to blame. [More]


Barnes & Noble Will Buy Back Microsoft’s Share Of The Nook Business

At first upon hearing that Barnes & Noble will be buying back the stake Microsoft bought in its Nook business in 2012, one might have the idea that Barnes & Noble really believes in the Nook again. But no, it’s just bringing the e-reader business back into the fold so it can prepare to spin it off in a sale next year. [More]


Barnes & Noble To Finally Spin Off Nook Into Separate Business

These days when we think of Barnes & Noble, there’s always a second thought immediately after — “What the heck is going on with that company?” After years of whispers, exits, and declining sales, Barnes & Noble says it’s finally going to go ahead and spin off its Nook business, separating it from the retail part of the company. [More]

Barnes & Noble Turns Profit, Considers Splitting Itself Up

Barnes & Noble Turns Profit, Considers Splitting Itself Up

Barnes & Noble consists of three businesses: college bookstores, regular bookstores, and the Nook e-reader device and platform. In today’s earnings call, new CEO Michael Huseby reported that the company is again turning a profit, and that they’re “studying” separating the different parts of the business. [Reuters] [More]

Will Focusing On Digital Products Save Or Doom Barnes & Noble?

Will Focusing On Digital Products Save Or Doom Barnes & Noble?

This past summer, Barnes & Noble announced that they’d be finding a third-party manufacturer for their Nook line of e-readers and tablets. Then their CEO resigned, mostly due to the failure of Nook hardware and content to save the company. The head of the Nook division took charge of the company, and has now officially been named CEO. So what will happen with the Nook now? [More]


Barnes & Noble CEO Resigns Because You Didn’t Buy A Nook

In the bookstore arena, two American giants remain: Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Both companies sell dead-tree books and have created their own e-reader brands, and both companies see that e-reader as essential to their future survival. Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch resigned late yesterday, part of an expected shakeup after the world learned that the Nook division lost a whole bunch of money. [More]


Barnes & Noble Will Quit Manufacturing Nook Color Tablets

Tablets are growing in popularity worldwide and cutting into PC sales, but Barnes & Noble has decided to get out of the crowded tablet biz. Their Nook comes in single-purpose e-reader and full-color Android tablet varieties, They’re still going to design and sell e-readers, but future color tablets will be “co-branded” with existing tablet manufacturers that you’ve probably already heard of. [More]


Microsoft Reportedly Considering Buying Out Barnes & Noble’s Nook Division For $1B

Usually when we hear one big company is interested in buying out another big company, there’s an element of “Hmm, didn’t see that one coming…” But in the case of Microsoft reportedly toying with the idea of paying $1 billion for Barnes & Noble’s Nook business, it’s more of “It’s about time those two crazy kids made  formal commitment.” Microsoft already invested $300 million in Nook last year, and it seems prepared to go all the way. [More]


Nook Customers Can Download Rentals: You Just Need A Working SD Card

Last week we shared with you the story of reader Brian, who was ready to chuck his Nook tablet and trade it in for an iPad, if he hadn’t been long past the return window. He wanted to rent some movies and watch them while traveling abroad and without Internet access. This seemed reasonable, and Nook documentation explains how to do this, but his tablet wouldn’t let him. A possibly well-meaning and definitely misinformed customer service representative told him that downloading a rental wasn’t possible. They were wrong. [More]


Nook Website Says You Can Download The Movies You Rent To Watch Later? Too Bad

Scott was under the impression that he could rent movies for his Nook HD+, download them, and watch them on his device whenever he felt like it for the next thirty days. Where did he pick up such a wacky idea? I mean, other than Barnes & Noble’s own support site. And the downloading screen in the Nook store. Only none of it is true. Update: Barnes & Noble has contacted us, and they say that Scott’s experience isn’t what they intended, and Nook users really are supposed to be able to download movies. We’ll let you know when we find out what Scott’s problem was. Second update: The problem was with his MicroSD card. [More]

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Beware Of HP’s Free Nook That Isn’t So Free

On Cyber Monday, Brian called HP about their selection of computers, and ended up selecting and ordering a computer of his own. The salesman offered him a promotion: a free Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader with the purchase of his Ultrabook. Well, as long as it’s free… The problem came when he decided the computer wasn’t for him, and returned it. HP wouldn’t take the Nook back, and insists on charging him the $99 plus tax that it costs.  [More]

50% off something.

Target Sends Out Poorly Worded Coupon, Raises False Hopes

Dani got what seemed like a great coupon in the mail with her Target credit card statement. “50% off Nook HD or Nook HD+ Accessory” it promised. Half off one of Barnes & Noble’s pricey e-readers? Clearly this must be too good to be true! And it was. The coupon was good for half off a variety of accessories for the e-reader, not the device itself. [More]


We’re Pretty Sure That A ‘Book’ Should Have More Than One Page

The first definition of the word “book” in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is “a set of written sheets of skin or paper or tablets of wood or ivory.” A set. Doesn’t that mean more than one? Maybe e-books are forcing us to redefine what we believe about a book is and how it ought to behave, but there are a few things that are non-negotiable. Doug thinks that the “more than one page” thing is kind of non-negotiable. His child picked out a book from Barnes & Noble’s Nook store that turned out to be more of a leaflet.  [More]

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HP’s Free Nook Promotion Could End Up Costing You $355

HP’s website has an offer going right now where you can score a free Nook Simple Touch (a $99 value) with the purchase of a new computer. But depending on which computer you buy, you could end up spending several times the cost of the e-reader. [More]