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Colleen AF Venable

Barnes & Noble Shuts Down Third-Party Marketplace For Over A Week, Shrugs

Twenty years ago, you would not have been allowed to set up your own little kiosk in the accessories department at Walmart selling the same sunglasses at slightly lower prices. Yet that’s exactly what e-commerce sites let third-party sellers do, and it usually works smoothly for everyone. Unless you’re a seller on Barnes & Noble’s Marketplace site, which shut down with no warning more than a week ago. Sellers are still locked out. [More]


Barnes & Noble’s Online Price Match Policy Still Confuses Customers, Drives Them Away

“Barnes and Noble apparently hates money,” Travis wrote in the subject line while e-mailing us about his most recent shopping experience there. Well, that can’t be: we thought that all stores liked more business and more money, unless they’re massive anti-capitalist pranks like Sears or Lenovo. He stopped by his local Barnes & Noble to use a coupon while getting human interaction. That’s when he collided with Barnes & Noble’s price matching policy. [More]