Traveler Arrested For Allegedly Slamming Bag Into Elderly TSA Agent During Carry-On Dispute

Listen, we’re all looking for a little wiggle room when it comes to increasingly more cramped commercial flights, but when airport workers tell you something isn’t gonna fit as a carry-on, that is not the time to turn up the rage. Logan Airport officials say a man was arrested yesterday at a security checkpoint after allegedly slamming his too-large-to-carry-on backpack into a 74-year-old Transportation Security Administration agent.

Police say the 53-year-old Massachusetts traveler knocked the woman to the ground with a blow to the head, reports The Smoking Gun, after she reportedly told him his backpack was too big to be carried onto his flight.

Officials say he walked away quickly after striking the woman, but was tackled and arrested by a state trooper who happened to witness the early morning incident. The man was planning to travel to Denver, but was instead taken into custody on a charge of assault and battery on a victim over the age of 60.

He reportedly told police during his arrest that he’d just been “aggravated” and had made a “mistake” during the confrontation. Because yes, hitting another person in the face who’s just trying to enforce the rules would be a mistake.

The TSA worker complained of “pain in her hip, knee, and shoulder caused by her hitting the floor,” police reported, and suffered bruises on her face. She was taken to a nearby hospital to get checked out.

Traveler Busted For Decking Female Security Guard, 74, In Carry-On Rage Incident [The Smoking Gun]

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