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Kingpin Of IRS Scam That Made $225K/Day Arrested In India

Police in India say they’ve arrested the suspected kingpin behind a scammy call center operation that raked in $225,000 per day by pretending they were agents for the Internal Revenue Service. [More]

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Police: Mother-Daughter Duo Stole $28K In Target Merchandise Through Return Scheme

When you think of someone stealing merchandise from a big box retailer you probably first think of smaller items that could easily be concealed in purses or on your person. But that certainly wasn’t the case for a mother-daughter duo accused of making away with bed sets, ottomans, chairs, and other items through a return scam at several California Target stores.  [More]

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Delta Employee With $282K In Backpack Arrested For Illegal Money Transmitting

Between the JetBlue flight attendant recently arrested for trying to get 69 pounds of cocaine through airport security and a Delta baggage handler taken into custody for allegedly smuggling more than 100 guns onto flights, you’d hope that airline staffers would think twice before abusing their positions. Apparently, that didn’t cross the mind of another Delta ramp agent arrested over the weekend with a backpack full of cash.  [More]

JetBlue Flight Attendant Accused Of Leaving Bag Full Of Cocaine At LAX Arrested In NYC

JetBlue Flight Attendant Accused Of Leaving Bag Full Of Cocaine At LAX Arrested In NYC

The hunt is over for the JetBlue flight attendant accused of bolting from a security checkpoint and abandoning a bag stuffed with 69 pounds of cocaine at Los Angeles Airport: authorities say she’s been arrested across the country in New York. [More]


CFPB’s First Criminal Referral Leads To U.S. Indicting Debt-Repair Firm For Defrauding 1,200

In the first criminal referral from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the U.S. is coming out swinging against a debt-settlement company in a new indictment. The firm has been charged with defrauding more than 1,200 people struggling with credit-card debt, with prosecutors saying the defendants “systematically exploited and defrauded” people around the U.S. [More]

Friends Of Rental Scam Victims Go Undercover To Nab Scammer

Friends Of Rental Scam Victims Go Undercover To Nab Scammer

A couple in California recently got taken for several hundred dollars by a woman pretending to be a landlord. So to help catch the baddy, a pair of friends went undercover to help police nab the alleged scammer. Thankfully, a news crew was also there to get it on videotape. [More]

Sting Operation Busts 160 Illegal Contractors In Connecticut

Sting Operation Busts 160 Illegal Contractors In Connecticut

According to a statement by the Connecticut Attorney General, 160 unregistered contractors were busted in a sting operation. Neat! From the statement:

When we say that we expect contractors to comply with the law we mean it,” Commissioner Farrell said in announcing the results of the sting operation, which was conducted with cooperation from the Ridgefield, Redding, Stratford, Fairfield, and Trumbull Police Departments, Trumbull building officials, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. “Any person who wants to perform work in Connecticut must follow the State’s legal requirements associated with the job. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. We intend to pursue appropriate penalties and punishment for these contractors.”