Burger King Revives Yumbo Sandwich, Menu Item Discontinued In 1974

(Burger King)

(Burger King)

The Yumbo, a hot ham and cheese sandwich, debuted on the Burger King Menu in 1969 and disappeared in 1974. That’s almost a decade before most of the company’s current leadership was born, but there are plenty of customers who do remember the sandwich fondly and will return for it. They probably won’t all freak out on Twitter like chicken fries fans did, though.

For those of us who weren’t around the last time the Yumbo was available, or who simply don’t remember, it consists of ham, melted cheese, mayonnaise, and lettuce on a hoagie bun.

In their press release to promote the new sandwich, Burger King provides a quote from a franchisee about the sandwich that serves to do more than just show how much he loves ham and cheese. 2013 Franchisee of the Year Tom Walsh Jr. says of the Yumbo, “[it] was a favorite I remember having as a boy in my dad’s restaurants and I know our guests are going to love having it back and sharing it with their own kids. This is a great example of how we as franchisees are working closer with Burger King Corporation on menu and marketing initiatives.”

As Burger King sets an example that others in the fast food industry may follow by divesting itself of corporate-owned restaurants and depending heavily on franchisees, emphasizing their great relationship with the people who are bankrolling the expansion of their chain is a great idea, even if most diners probably don’t care.

We know that you’re reading this, Burger King: fry anything on the menu that you want, and mine your old menu items for “new” ideas all you like, but whatever you do, don’t revive the “French Fryin’ Legion” thing from 1974.

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