Some Jerk Runs Over Guy At McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Grabs Food Before Leaving

It’s bad enough to commit a hit-and-run, but when you’ve got enough time to stop and pick up some grub while you flee, well that’s just a total jerk move. The family of a New York City man who was run over in the McDonald’s drive-thru say they found out the driver stopped long enough to grab his food from the window afterward, instead of calling the police.

The victim’s family tell the New York Post that a worker at the Queens restaurant told them the hungry suspect made sure to get his meal before fleeing early Saturday. They say the victim was hanging out with friends and leaning on a car when he accidentally fell into the drive-thru lane.

“It breaks my heart to read that he got run over, the car reversed, and then drove off and he was left to die,” his sister told the NYP. “The world is so cruel, so inhuman. How do you leave a man to die? At least call.”

He survived, and was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Thus far, cops don’t have a description of the driver, who remains at large, and may or may not not be aware of running the man over in the first place.

Hungry driver hits man at McDonald’s, picks up food, drives off: sources [New York Post]

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