MobiBlu MP3 Player Looks Forward To Spending 10th Birthday On Walmart Shelf

In the field of retail archaeology, some items are more common than others. For example, the Raiders of the Lost Walmart have excavated examples of the MobiBLU, a tiny MP3 player that dates back to around 2005, from the electronics departments of many Walmart stores almost a decade later. They have hilariously high prices, ranging from $109.73 to $60. We’ve been tracking this item since May of 2013, yet Walmart can’t mark it down to a more appropriate price of maybe five bucks.


“Come on, Consumerist,” you might be saying. “I’ve seen this same item and price before. Surely Walmart cannot still be selling this item for $110. Someone just sent one of your old photos of the MobiBlu to you and is messing with you.” Well, very verbose naysayer, that’s what we thought too. Then we zoomed in on the price tag.


It was marked down less than three months ago. Is it scarier that the all-knowing computer thinks that this is still an appropriate price for the hottest MP3 player of 2005, or that the item was apparently somewhere on the shelf or (more likely) in the warehouse until this past August?

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