Christmas Candy Corn Is A Real Thing

candy corn caneThis spring, we shared the weird but not completely illogical news that candy marketers were pushing candy corn during unexpected new holidays. Brach’s markets red, white, and blue Independence Day candy corn, for example. Another company sells pastel candy corn for Easter with the theologically troubling name of Jesus Promise Seeds. Naturally, for Christmas, you can buy red, white, and green corn.

Jelly Belly makes a version that they market as “reindeer corn,” which does have a certain logic to it. You can only buy it directly in 10-pound quantities, probably because reindeer are very large animals that can eat huge amounts of candy in one sitting. Candy Blog reports that Reindeer Corn has existed since the ’90s, and the idea is only new at candy corn powerhouse Brach’s.

The Brach’s version is called Candy cane corn, which is flavored with peppermint oil and that Candy Blog’s Cybele compares favorably to the filling of a peppermint patty, or a nice after-dinner mint. If it’s peppermint-flavored, why does it have to be labeled candy cane corn when there are no candy canes anywhere to be found? That is one of the great mysteries of marketing, we suppose.

Brach’s Candy Cane Candy Corn [Candy Blog]

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