Pizza Hut Is Selling A Giant Pizza-Sized Quesadilla In New Zealand

flavour_fiestaFor a while now, Pizza Hut has reserved many of its wackier pizza creations for the chain’s international outposts. Earlier this week, we learned that some of those more interesting flavors have been brought stateside, and one of our colleagues even got to try them. We can’t imagine the Hut bringing their new product line in New Zealand stateside, though. Even if Mary Beth would probably eat it.

This time around, the exotic thing about Pizza Hut’s new offerings isn’t what’s stuffed in the crust: sorry, chili dog and Marmite lovers. The new and exciting product this time around is a “Mexican Flavour Fiesta,” consisting of pizzas topped with nachos, with burrito toppings, and a pizza that is, as far as we can tell, a giant quesadilla.

As far as we’re concerned, that is not a bad thing. This item has beef, onions, mozzarella cheese, “burrito sauce” (whatever that is) as well as jalapeno peppers and chili pepper flakes. It seems that New Zealand isn’t quite ready for this flavo(u)r profile, though, because a few customers have complained on their Facebook page about how spicy the new menu item is.

ordered one the other night for me and my family was so hot we couldn’t actually eat it….wasnt that happy as we each had about two bites out of our pieces and it blew our mouths, throats and taste buds to pieces… tea for my family that night needless to say

Maybe it’s the jalapeño and chili flakes sandwiched between the two crusts that are too much for the Kiwi public.

Pizza Hut Offering New Nachos, Burrito, and Quesadilla Pizzas in New Zealand [Brand Eating]

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