Doritos Offers Limited-Time Christmas Tree-Shaped Chips In Japan

Do you think that seasonal snacks have gotten out of hand here in the United States? Maybe they have, but that doesn’t make a new holiday themed product from Doritos in Japan any less amazing. They’re selling soup-flavored green tortilla chips…shaped like Christmas trees.

Soup-flavored corn chips might sound kind of wacky, but they aren’t anywhere near as wacky as the previous version of tree-shaped Doritos that was sold in Taiwan a few years ago. Those were made of yellow corn and turkey flavored.

These chips are colored green with white corn cream stew flavored powder on them. Corn-flavored corn chips?

Christmas is celebrated in Japan, as a secular holiday with parties, decorations, and now special tortilla chips. Apparently.

New Doritos in Japan are Shaped like Christmas Trees and Taste Like Soup [Brand Eating]

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