Police: 8-Year-Old Got A Bag Of Crystal Meth In Her Halloween Candy Haul

While police in Colorado and Washington were busy warning parents about the possibility of edible marijuana finding its way into trick-or-treat bags this year on Halloween, the parents of an eight-year-old girl in California were in for another kind of shock when their daughter came home with a plastic bag of free methamphetamine.

Police in Hercules, CA (I’d move there just for the name of the town) are looking into the matter to figure out who either accidentally gave the girl meth or purposely put it in her bag of candy, reports the Contra Costa Times, while warning other parents to be on the lookout when going through their kids’ hauls.

The small zip-top plastic bag holding about 0.1 grams of crystal meth was found after the girl came home and started sorting through her candy. Gotta separate those prized peanut butter cups from the undesirables (looking at you, boring hard candy).

“This could have been intentional or it could have been accidental and we won’t know until we speak with the person who did this,” said a Hercules police sergeant. “More than anything, we want to educate the public to inspect their children’s candy before giving it to them.”

In other “What In The World Are People Thinking?” Halloween news, KSN.com reports that a Cincinnati boy’s mother found four boxes of bullets in her four-year-old’s Halloween candy from his preschool.

He reportedly opened a box of Milk Duds and asked his mom, “What’s this?”

She says she went through the other boxes in his bag and was shocked that it didn’t end there.

“I opened up the second box; more bullets. I opened up the third box; more bullets. I opened up the fourth box; more bullets. I’m like, ‘That’s not a coincidence, that’s not a mistake,’” she told the station.

Thus far, his school hasn’t commented on how live ammunition ended up in his candy.

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