Police Bust Man For Swiping Shoppers’ Wallets From Strollers At Whole Foods

It’s not exactly taking candy from a baby, but plundering strollers to make off with parents’ wallets is still pretty darn low. Police had been on the lookout for a 60-year-old suspect caught on surveillance cameras in Whole Foods stores in New York City reaching into strollers and snatching wallets, and now they say they’ve found their man.

According to the criminal complaint cited by DNAInfo, the suspect is accused of first taking a wallet from a woman’s stroller that had about $200 cash, along with a credit card and her Social Security card (side note: don’t keep your Social Security card in your wallet, for this very reason).

He struck again at another store, swiping a wallet that contained $40 cash and some credit cards.

Police say he was finally arrested after he was spotted selling untaxed cigarettes outside yet another Whole Foods store. Cops recognized him from his serial appearances on surveillance footage and charged him with grand larceny.

Thief Busted for Snatching Wallets From Strollers at Whole Foods, NYPD Says [DNAInfo]

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