Woman Allegedly Squirted Breast Milk At Pharmacy Staff, Then Stole Money

Image courtesy of (Tambako The Jaguar)

When you need to distract someone in order to steal money, simply use what you have at hand. A woman in Germany allegedly stole cash from a pharmacy earlier this week after she distracted employees. Police say that she distracted the employees by whipping out a boob and squirting milk at them.

Weaponized breast milk isn’t something that we had ever heard of before. The customer had been in line to purchase–what else?– a breast pump, but apparently didn’t need it, since she was able to express milk using her hand before taking off with 100 euros from the till. She left the clearly unnecessary breast pump behind when she fled the store.

The woman has not been apprehended, but has been described as having a “robust” figure, long, dark hair, and was speaking a language that no one could identify.

Of course, breast milk is a body fluid that can potentially be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or anything else that the mother has circulating in her system. There are very few places where it should go: into a baby’s mouth, for starters, or a sealable container for later feeding. “Used as a weapon” is not on that list. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Thief distracts staff by squirting her breast milk [The Local] (via Jezebel)

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