SkyMall: Because Every Child Dreams Of Owning A Jumping Hot Dog

“Do your children like jumping? Do they like hot dogs?” asks SkyMall. You’re in luck! For every child that likes the physical act of propelling oneself into the air as well as tubes filled with meat, there’s a Jumping Hot Dog for sale. Dreams really do come true!(?)

Touting bouncing toys as therapy tools used to develop balance and coordination skills, SkyMall points out that this way, “hot dogs can finally be healthy” (though who wants a healthy hot dog if you can’t even eat the darn thing?).

I’m also curious as to what makes this inflatable bouncing toy a hot dog — sure, it’s got a vague hot doggish color, but what kind of a hot dog has to label itself as HOT DOG”? And where’s the bun? Not to mention condiments. It might as well be a bouncing slug, for all that it’s got that very portly, un-hotdoglike shape and little nubbins on the top.

Consider my jumping hot dog dreams unfulfilled, until there’s a more realistic version, at least.

*Thanks to Jenny, lover of all things hot dog related, for the tip!

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