Diner Arrested After Her “Husband,” Jesus Christ, Fails To Show Up With Promised Cash To Pay The Bill

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Jesus (either as the son of God and/or as historical figure) or not: The issue of a hefty unpaid restaurant tab for food and booze hinges on the fact that Jesus Christ failed to show up and pay the bill of a woman claiming he’s her husband in the eyes of the law, a husband that she allegedly promised would walk in any minute to settle her tab with cold, hard cash.

Police say the Oklahoma woman ordered food and a bunch of alcoholic beverages at a restaurant in Lawton, reports Fox 25, but when it came time to settle bill, she admitted she couldn’t pay for what she’d just had.

Instead, she allegedly said her husband would be by shortly to settle the bill, and that her hubby just so happened to be Jesus. As in The Jesus Christ In The Bible, not someone who’s named after him.

But despite her claim that she and Jesus were legally married, she didn’t have the marriage license to prove it. Even so, she told cops he’d be walking in soon to pay in cash, adds KSWO.com.

When that didn’t happen and she had no other way to pay her tab, police arrested her on a complaint of fraud.

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