Pizza Hut Introduces Sausage-Stuffed Crust, Is Probably Just Messing With Us Now

hotdogSince it first began marketing stuffed-crust pizza, the flavor wizards over at Pizza Hut have found some very strange things to stuff in there. Marmite? Sure. Fish eggs? Yum. Apple turnovers? Sounds great! Most of the more interesting variations have come out of Pizza Hut’s international branches, and maybe it’s no coincidence that these are doing better. Here’s another example: a pizza surrounded by dough-wrapped fancy sausages, available in Luxembourg.

Brand Eating reports that the sausage is called mettwurst, and is a smoked and cured pork sausage with origins in Germany. The pizza comes with mustard for dipping, presumably after you tear the part that looks like pigs in blankets off the rest of the crust. The mustard is also a regional specialty.

Pizza Hut has produced crusts stuffed with hot dogs, but with the hot dogs rolled up inside the crust lengthwise. This looks more like a combination pizza and appetizer tray, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This Pizza Hut Pizza is Stuffed with Fancy Sausage [Brand Eating]

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