Pizza Hut Creates Crusts Stuffed With Jalapeños And With Dessert

pizza_turnoversIn their ongoing quest to stretch the boundaries of pizza crust-stuffing science, Pizza Hut uses their international outlets as test kitchens for new and exciting meals. In the United Arab Emirates and in Korea, the chain is testing two ideas that sound quite appealing. Or maybe I should have eaten lunch today.

Over in Korea, there is a fabulous star-shaped pizza. No bacon cheeseburgers here, though: the folded dough “points” of the star are actually turnovers. Yes, this is a pizza with a dessert crust. The turnovers come filled with cranberries and cream cheese or apples, cinnamon, nuts, and cream cheese. The special pizza has a nice variety of meat and seafood on top, as well, including shrimp, squid, sausage, bacon, and steak. It’s like surf and turf and pastry.

Over in the UAE, things are going in a spicier direction. They’re hawking a regular, non-dessert-containing pizza with a stuffed crust. You can have that crust stuffed with red or green japalpeño peppers, though, and the spiciness doesn’t stop there. The standard version of this pizza has chili sauce instead of tomato sauce, spicy nacho cheese, and more sliced jalapeños on top. They claim it’s the chain’s “spiciest pizza ever,” and this one is a more likely candidate to eventually reach Pizza Huts in the United States.

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