New Zealand Woman Claims Plane Dumped Feces On Her House

plane_overheadYears ago, I lived in an inexpensive and terrible apartment under the flight path for the local airport. It doesn’t take long to adjust to the noise, and you can admire the planes or just ignore ’em. There’s one thing that you can’t learn to tune out, though: mystery feces from above on your house and car.

The woman, who lives near Auckland, went to the media to complain about the liquid poo on her house and car. The thing is, she’s not 100% sure that the poo came from a plane flying over her house, or that it’s even human.

Airways New Zealand, the air traffic control authority, has told the woman to complain to the airline that dropped the deuce on her home, but she doesn’t know which airline that was. She was asleep when the mystery poo fell on her house.

A commercial aviation expert explained to the New Zealand Herald that planes don’t drop their sewage on the ground during takeoff or landing: they contain toilet waste and waste water from the galleys in large tanks. It’s not out of the question that those tanks could leak, though.

While the expert suspects that the feces came from a goose or other air animal, human waste isn’t out of the question. Another man near Auckland complained to the authorities that his house had feces dropped on it from above three times, and no one was willing to listen to his complaints. He had the material tested in a lab. The poo was human.

The woman complaining in this case also plans to have the material splashed on her house and car tested at an independent lab. For now, without knowing when it fell and what planes were overhead at the time, authorities can’t do much, and neither can the airlines without knowing which company is to blame.

‘Poo’ dumped on Auckland house [New Zealand Herald] (via UPI)

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