Ever The Unpredictable Scamp, Microsoft Goes With “Windows 10” For Next OS

While Microsoft is often seen as embodying the more straight-and-narrow side of home computing, you can’t fault the company for its utterly insane approach to picking names for its Windows operating system. After jumping from 3.11 to 95 to 2,000 before going back to 7 (and let’s not forget about the random non-numerical versions released over the years), the company is following the tepidly received Windows 8 with — what else? — Windows 10.

Apparently the reason for the leapfrogging of Windows 9 is that the company wanted to demonstrate that this update was so cool and all-encompassing that an increase of a single integer just didn’t suffice.

We think they should have just taken the Nigel Tufnel approach and just turn it up to 11.

Over on Twitter, Sos Sosowski charted the ups and downs of Windows’ numbering system over the years:

You can read all about the new features and whatnot over on The Verge. We’re still running 3.11 because it has a Minesweeper record that we don’t want to lose.

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