Snake Bites Its Sugar-Coated Tail With Caramel Apple Coated With Caramel Apple Oreos

We can’t believe we didn’t see the inevitability of this when Oreo introduced its Target-exclusive Caramel Apple-flavored cookies back in August, but someone has realized the obvious opportunity to combine the cookie and its inspiration into one ugly-ass snack.

Nick over at Dude Foods recently ventured out to Target — actually, it required visits to three different Target stores just to find the new Oreos — and picked himself up some Caramel Apple-flavored cookies.

Beyond that, it was apparently just a matter of crushing up the cookies, making some real caramel apples and utilizing the caramel’s inherent glue-like qualities to adhere the Oreo chunks to the apple.

The end result is less than appetizing; it looks like you found that caramel apple that your young nephew dropped under a car seat months earlier. The strange green color used for part of the cookie’s filling also reminds us a little too much of wasabi (or rather, the green-colored horseradish that many restaurants pretend is wasabi). We’re guessing that a more uniform and appealing outcome could have been achieved by running the Oreos through a food processor for a few seconds, but that may have only made the bizarre green/brown cream mixture turn a vomit-like hue.

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