No, iOS 8 Does Not Allow You To Charge Your Phone In The Microwave

Things you can put into the microwave and turn it on: Food, microwave safe dishes, objects that will not melt. Things you cannot put into a microwave and turn it on: Metal, plastic, and any kind of electrical object you could think of, including cell phones, smartphones and tablets. So no, there is no update with iOS 8 that allows iPhone users to recharge their batteries by microwaving their phones. Sigh.

A hoax ad circulating the Internet right now and causing most people to shake their heads and exhale with the ridiculousness of it all touts a new feature of iOS 8 called Wave, that is supposed to allow users to grant their phones the magical ability to defy the laws of nature by nuking it for a minute and a half.

The hoax looks kind of convincing, to be honest, until you start reading:

Fakety fake fake fake.

Fakety fake fake fake.

Various reports, including a thread on Reddit, indicate that the hoax stems from 4chan.

The Los Angeles Police Department is one of many law enforcement organizationss around the country spreading the word, otherwise they’ll be the ones who have to show up to put the darn thing out:

Again. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to microwave your iPhone. Or anything else that shouldn’t be microwaved. Because here is what will actually happen to that iPhone:

*Thanks for the tip, Katsy!

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