Man Proves You Can Just Slap Together Every Taco Bell Ingredient And Still Please People

tacobellpinataWe’ve joked in the past that Taco Bell will eventually just wrap every every ingredient in its kitchen and serve that meat/cheese/lettuce/sauce beast as its own menu item. They recently let someone try just that, and apparently the results were not awful.

In the video below, Fast Company’s Mark Wilson pays a visit to Taco Bell HQ, where he got to create and test — then later sell — a Bell beast of his own making.

As one would be tempted to do when in the test kitchen of a fast food chain notorious for stuffing and wrapping just about anything it can get its hands on, Wilson begins to create what he initially dubs, El Todos, because it has every ingredient he can include: multiple taco shells, beef, chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, all manner of sauces and everything else he can sandwich between two large flour tortillas.

The Bell employees on hand to witness this kitchen-sink approach to fast food suggested renaming Wilson’s creation “The Piñata” because it will explode when cracked open and you don’t know what you’re going to get.

And so he took his Piñata to the Taco Bell sensory labs, where employee taste-testers sampled and judged his addition to the Bell canon.

“Seems like a fun idea that a group of kids or family would want to share,” wrote one tester. “Definitely something you would want to customize even more.”

Others gave the Piñata positive grades in their feedback.

“It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever eaten out of a Taco Bell,” says another tester. “I had to eat the whole thing to taste every ingredient in it.”

A test kitchen employee tells Wilson that the response to his creation is “pretty good” compared to other items she’s seen come through the lab.

When Wilson went to a local Taco Bell to try his Piñata on an actual customer, the manager he worked with suggested adding taco shells to the mix, bringing the total up to five inside the already overstuffed monster.

The customer’s verdict?

“That is a veritable cornucopia of flavor,” he responded while still chewing. “It’s got a lot of different tastes, which makes it very interesting.”

However, the manager at this Bell said it’s unlikely that it could ever go on the menu, as one Piñata takes 4-5 minutes to make just one, and as we’ve seen, people don’t like waiting for Taco Bell orders.

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