Pizza Hut Testing “Skinny Slice” Pies, Or “Thin Crust Pizza” As It’s Known Elsewhere

Remember when Pizza Hut invented the cookie cake in 2014? It’s now testing out a mysterious new pizza configuration called “Skinny Slice” pies, wherein each contains less dough and fewer toppings for the health conscious. Basically, it’s thin crust pizza, but don’t tell Pizza Hut that.

Of course, thin crust pizza can still be laden with calorific toppings and a thick layer of cheese, so the main difference for Pizza Hut’s test is that it’s supposed to be a lighter option than its pan pizza, but a bit more than the Thin N’ Crispy style, reports the Associated Press. The dough and toppings remain the same as other pies, there’s just not as much of either.

The amount of calories in each slice is different in the two test markets the company is currently trying Skinny Slice:

• In Toledo, customers pick up to five toppings, with each slice containing 300 calories or less.
• In West Palm Beach, FL, there’s a choice of six different pies, with each slice coming in under 250 calories.

Right now, health-conscious customers can order something called a “Fit n’ Delicious” pie which I personally have never heard of, but that contain even fewer calories than the Skinny Slice option. If Skinny Slice catches on, it would replaces Fit n’ Delicious. And now I can’t take myself seriously after typing so many silly names.

*Thanks for the tip, Ben H.!

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