This Is What Happens When Burger King Lists Your Number As Its Own

When someone calls you looking for a fast food restaurant, there are many ways you could react. “THIS IS NOT BURGER KING, FOOL!!!” is one, or “Sorry, you have the wrong number.” Neither of those are any fun, and neither reaction is what one prankster did after his phone number ended up listed online as a Burger King location.

Instead, our straight-talking hero leads his callers on a merry romp through the Land of Ridiculous Scenarios, including one phone call where he tells a new employee that her first shift will start at 4:30 a.m. the next day and end at 5:30 a.m., during which time her job will be “feathering” birds to remove their plumage and “butchering.”

In one of two calls he provided to The Concourse, he calmly tells the girl “It’s really gross so wear some old clothes.” Meanwhile, she sounds relatively calm — with a few uncomfortable giggles — even while probably freaking out inside her head — heck, it even sounds like she’s taking notes.

“Do you want to do blood duty or clean-up duty on Saturday?” he politely asks.

“I’ll do… clean-up?” she says.

This goes on for almost five minutes, with the prankster telling her that another one of her duties for the week will be standing with another person at the register to hit “zero” anytime it’s needed, as that button is malfunctioning.

Finally, she summons up the courage to ask if he’s for real, at which point he finally breaks and admits that he’s just been terrifying her for the last couple of minutes and no, she won’t have to snap the necks of any chickens. It’s just that the area code listed for the Burger King is wrong, so he’s the lucky guy who gets to field those calls.

In another call, he blows off a customer calling in with a complaint, completely incensing her by telling her he “doesn’t care” that the order was wrong and the cashiers were rude. Alas, if only that wasn’t so close to the truth of many customer service experiences.

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