Bank Closes Temporarily After Customer Calmly Leaves A Few Steaming Deposits On The Floor

Not the floor in question. (okbeatnik)

Not the floor in question. (okbeatnik)

A branch of Barclays bank in the U.K. had to shut down temporarily yesterday, after a customer walked in and reportedly made a few stinky deposits. Fine, I won’t dance around it: He pooped. On the floor. Multiple times.

An eyewitness tells the Daily Star that a middle-aged man who appeared “well-to-do” and “calm but angry” simply walked into the branch and started doing his bathroom business from the bottom of his shorts, while customers watched in horror.

So was it a protest against the deplorable state of banking around the world today, was he striking a blow for all the disenfranchised consumers out there? We may never know.

“He didn’t say anything at all, but you can tell from his face he looked angry,” the witness explains. “I wasn’t really paying attention until I noticed a foul, but unmistakable smell.”

He claims the man even went up and down the stairs to make sure he made a mess, going about on his rounds and defecating.

“I looked at the guy and he was just calmly walking around the bank – going to all the areas he could,” the witness said. “And then as calmly as he walked in he left.” He did add that the man “looked smug” as he exited the building.

Staff was flabbergasted, the spectator reports, and “the stench was unreal.”

Customers were asked to leave while the staff cleaned up the mess.

Thus far, Barclays hasn’t commented on the incident.

That’s the wrong kind of deposit! Barclays bank customer POOS all over the floor [The Daily Star]

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