Burger King Drive-Thru Serves Up Whoppers, Chicken Fries, Boa Constrictor

snakeyBoa constrictor was on the menu this week at an Illinois Burger King, but not in the sense that you could eat one. No, we mean on the menu board at the drive-thru. Wednesday afternoon, customers alerted the restaurant’s employees that there was a boa constrictor relaxing near the drive-thru lane. How did it get there? No one knows.

When the store’s assistant manager was told that there was a snake outside, she thought that the customer meant a garden snake curled around the speaker or something. No one expected an almost 6-foot boa constrictor to be greeting customers.

“We had one of our crew members out here taming it with a broom the whole time, keeping it right here, so it wouldn’t go somewhere else,” the assistant manager told TV station KWQC.

The employees called Animal Control, which is what you do when in incomprehensible animal that is not native to Illinois shows up in your drive-thru. Since the local government isn’t set up to handle snakes, they brought it to a local aquarium and reptile store.

The experts there said that the snake was friendly and tame, and had obviously been a house pet. What isn’t so obvious is how it ended up at the Burger King. Did it escape, or was it let loose? The store manager said that people often let large snakes loose when they grow larger than the owner had expected.

The store doesn’t know the snake’s sex yet, but we suggest naming it King if it happens to be male. Really, what else could you call it?

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