Now Let’s All Address Stacks Of Thanksgiving Cards

Okay, everyone, did you get your Halloween cards addressed two weeks ago like marketers wanted you to? Good! Put those aside for the next seven weeks or so, because it’s time for your next occasion that requires cards: Thanksgiving.


“But Consumerist, Thanksgiving isn’t for another three months! I haven’t even bought all of my decorations!” you say. It’s not marketers’ problem that you’re behind. Get with the program, imaginary person.

Reader Randy spotted these cards at CVS, but to be fair, other retailers that sell greeting cards have similar sections, too. These cards do have a real purpose, other than forcing us to spend $2 for a piece of cardstock and some glitter. Sending a card might make you feel more connected to distant loved ones, especially if you’re living far away and want to feel closer to that person.

Nah, it’s probably just the thing where they want us to spend $2.

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