Troubled Atlantic City Casino Even More Troubled After Bag Of Cash Falls Off Armored Truck

Imagine you’re a struggling business that will soon have to shutter your doors after failing to make enough money to survive. Wouldn’t you keep any money you do have left wrapped warmly in your embrace, tucked close to your heart, or somewhere else super safe? And not say, on the roof of an armored truck where it can, and will, slide off and be lost?

Cut to the beleaguered Revel Casino in Atlantic City, which is slated to close over Labor Day weekend and says it’s losing a million bucks a week staying open until then. And after an incident earlier this month, it’ll be going out of business $21,000 lighter.

According to a report from Press of Atlantic City (warning: link has video that auto plays), an armored truck made a cash pickup at the casino, with the total amount unknown.

What officials do know, according to an incident report filed after the fact, is that the truck left the Revel with a bag filled with about $21,000 in cash on the rear driver’s side roof of the truck. The money stayed on the truck when it made another pickup at another casino six minutes away.

Surveillance footage shows it on the roof still, as the truck pulls out into traffic. At some point after that, the money fell off the roof, but it’s unclear where it went, how it went or when. The truck company says it’s investigating.

“We are cooperating with the authorities in investigating this incident and cannot provide any additional details,” a rep said.

Revel money missing after falling off armored truck’s roof [Press of Atlantic City]

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