Borden Shrink Rays Cheese Package, Forgets To Destroy The Evidence

Elsie the Cow, mascot of Borden brand products, is good at many things. She can give milk, apparently. She looks very pretty, and can smile in her official portraits, even though we’re pretty sure cows can’t actually smile. What she isn’t very good at is covering her tracks. When Borden recently Shrink Rayed their packages of cheese to seven ounces, Elsie forgot to destroy the evidence.

“Borden cheese shrank their bag from 8 ounces to 7 ounces but never fixed the barcode on the back,” explains reader Mark, who bought this presumably delicious package of shredded cheddar cheese. “It still says 8 ounces” on the back, above the barcode. Oops.

Need a zoomed-in view of the new size on the front? You got it.



Meanwhile, on the back of the package…


We get it: it’s easier to shrink quantities slightly than to ask consumers to accept higher prices. Do they have to remind us all of that extra handful of cheese that we’re missing by putting this on the back?

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