Kraft Scoops .5 Ounces Out Of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Bins

If you’re expecting guests for the holidays, you might pick up some bagels and tubs of flavored cream cheese to feed them. An 8-ounce tub of Philadelphia cream cheese soon won’t go as far as it used to: tubs that have been hit with the Grocery Shrink Ray and downsized to 7.5 ounces have been spotted in stores.

Reader Chris sent us these pictures from the shelves of a Walmart store in Utah. While the two different sizes on the shelf at the same time let customers catch Kraft in mid-Shrink Ray, the box that the cream cheese containers came in provides even more evidence of shrinkage in progress.



We contacted representatives of Kraft Heinz, the company behind the Philadelphia brand, and asked whether the smaller sizes will be going national, and whether non-flavored cream cheeses will be affected too. They have not yet responded, and we will update this post when they do.

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