United Airlines Has A Bedbug Problem, But Not On Their Planes

Itchy, bitty Bedbugs caused immense problems for hotels, pre-teen clothing stores and movie theaters (yeah, it happened) in the past, but it looks like they’re moving up in the world; all the way to the 16th floor of Chicago’s Willis Tower – home to United Airlines.

While it might be plausible that bedbugs would show up on airplanes – what with the shared pillows and blankets – we definitely didn’t see the infiltration of HQ coming. But that’s apparently the case, according to a report from USA Today.

We don’t know the actual reason why the bugs honed in on the 16th floor – although we might speculate they weren’t fans of United’s new really long safety video – but things appear to be under control.

A spokesman for the company confirmed the issue saying the problem was contained to a small area of the office.

“We did identify an isolated issue in a small group of cubicles and immediately brought in exterminators to do a full remediation,” a company spokesperson says in a statement. “We continue to bring in exterminators on site to ensure eradication.”

Those pesky bugs just aren’t welcome anywhere, and rightfully so.

United Airlines headquarters hit by bedbugs [USA Today]

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