Coffee-Flavored Doughnuts Now Available At Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin-Donuts-CoverEarlier this year, Krispy Kreme stuffed doughnuts with mocha filling and drizzled coffee flavoring on top. If that sounds delicious, well, too bad: they’re no longer on the menu, replaced with more summery banana creme and carrot cake flavors. Don’t worry, though: coffee-and-pastry competitor Dunkin’ Donuts is here to save us all with doughnuts that don’t have to be dunked to taste like coffee.

The two limited-time offerings are similar, except for their exterior coatings. Both are yeast doughnuts filled with coffee-flavored buttercream. The Coffee Creme version is glazed with a coffee-flavored frosting drizzle on the outside. The Coffee, Creme & Sugar Donut has, well, powdered sugar on the outside.

In other pastry news, Cinnabon is wasting perfectly good stomach space on fresh fruit toppings. Come on, Cinnabon: don’t you know that fruit is out to kill us all? Even frozen fruit drenched in syrup.

Dunkin’ Donuts Unveils First-Ever Coffee Flavored Donuts [Foodbeast]

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