Krispy Kreme Puts Coffee Inside Donuts, Glass Bottles


Krispy Kreme wants to caffeinate America. They’re best known for their light, fluffy, sugary donuts, but apparently they serve coffee too. The company has plans to inject that coffee in two new and exciting places: the beverage shelves of selected Walmart stores, and inside the chain’s own donuts.

When we say inside the donuts, we mean inside. The glazed donut with coffee included has “mocha drizzle” and “coffee Kreme” on the outside, but the filled yeast donut has a mocha filling along with its sugary, coffee-infused exterior.

The bottled coffee, meant to compete with Starbucks’ bottled Frappuccino line of highly highly portable chilled espresso drinks, will only be available in about 900 Walmart stores, presumably in areas where Krispy Kreme does business. (They also sell bulk coffee in the South, but only at Walmart’s Sam’s Club warehouse chain.) The bottles are 9.5 ounces, exactly the same as the Starbucks products. They come in mocha and “original glazed,” which we can only hope is a bottle of sugar syrup with some incidental coffee flavoring.


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