Tweet A Coke To Your Friends, If They Were Going To The Movies Anyway

Do you want to give your movie-loving friend a gift, but not a really good gift? Thanks to a partnership between Coke, Twitter, and Regal Cinemas, you can tweet a Coke-branded beverage to a friend… or to a random stranger, if that’s what you’re into. Why? So someone would write an article about it, I guess.

You may remember that Pepsi did something like this with a few vending machines a few years ago, only without Twitter. Starbucks tried letting people tweet drinks at each other last year. Mashable reports that people actually bought $180,000 worth of Starbucks gift tweets, which isn’t bad. However, while most Americans pass within a few miles of a Starbucks regularly, Regal isn’t in every city. Not all Regal locations accept the vouchers, anyway.

You don’t have to pay $12 for admission to a Starbucks. Sure, you could pick up your gift Coke at the concession stand without seeing a movie, but that would be weird.

Tweet-A-Coke [Official Site]
Now You Can Tweet a Coke to a Friend for $5 [Mashable]

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