Calling 9-1-1 To Report A Fake Murder Won’t Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Getting pulled over for speeding is no fun, of course — but when those sirens come on, most responsible drivers accept that they’ll just have to face the music and take a ticket. One Florida man had bigger ideas than getting a ticket — and by “bigger” I by no means “better,” because reporting a murder that didn’t happen is just not going to work out.

Police say a man called 9-1-1 to report a murder in progress (but can it actually be a murder if it isn’t over yet?) while he was being pulled over for speeding, reports

“There is a murder that’s going to happen, I swear,” he reportedly told dispatchers frantically, saying someone was “definitelY” going to get shot, and begging for a police response.

The line went dead, prompting every officer who could to respond to the intersection he named, while the caller called back again.

“I swear, there’s going to be a murder any second. There’s a man and a gun. Please,” the caller said, hanging up again.

Police say that what was really happening at that moment was the man was getting a speeding ticket very close to that intersection, and had called 9-1-1 ostensibly to distract the officer who’d pulled him over.

“It almost worked,” a police rep said. “The officer was trying to wrap up quickly to respond.”

But when the caller’s name came over the police radio, the officer writing his ticket realized they were one and the same person and arrested him.

“When you take a phony incident, and you take those dispatches away from the ability to answer those calls that could put somebody that has a real emergency in danger,” the police rep explained.

he’s now facing a felony charge with a maximum five-year prison sentence if he’s found guilty, instead of a $200 ticket. Again, not a great plan.

Man accused of reporting ‘murder’ to 911 to get out of speeding ticket []

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