Root Beer Float Oreos Are Now Available In Stores, We Think

The fried chicken Oreos that made the rounds online recently weren’t real. That news may have either delighted or disappointed you, but in recent years, there has always been another novelty Oreo flavor around the corner. Today we rounded that corner. Root beer float Oreos are now a thing.

Maybe. While we know not to trust a single Instagram snapshot for our junk food news, this flavor is a lot more plausible than fried chicken. The person who posted this photo on Instagram claims to have snapped it at Publix (a grocery chain).

Sibling brand Chips Ahoy also featured its own root beer float flavored cookies recently, part of a series of strange yet intriguing ice cream-themed favors. They’re still available in stores. That makes Oreo “creme” that tastes like root beer at least plausible, and definitely edible when paired with vanilla-flavored cookies. It also matches up with the Oreo/Chips Ahoy cross-brand synergy where both lines of cookies made Reese’s peanut butter flavors.

If this flavor is a hoax, it’s an elaborate one, since the Got The Munchies show on YouTube reviewed the cookies on-camera.

We called Nabisco parent company Mondelez just to be sure, though, and will update this post when we find something out.

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