Police: Woman Harasses Customers, Drops Pants At Restaurant, Gets Arrested

No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no service? A Seattle-area drive-in may want to consider the addition after a woman allegedly harassed customers, assaulted employees, then dropped her pants.

According to a KOMONews.com report, employees at Dick’s Drive-In were party to a rather odd encounter with a customer Wednesday.

Employees of the drive-in called police around 5:30 p.m. to report that a woman was harassing customers and refusing to leave the property.

The woman allegedly threw a condiment holder and donation box at employees. One of the items reportedly hit an employee in the arm, causing a scratch.

While that’s a weird encounter of its own, things only escalated from there.

Witnesses told officers that the woman then pulled down her pants and performed a lewd act in front of the restaurant.

Police arrested the woman for investigation of assault and harassment. Officers say she caused $75 worth of damage to the restaurant. Meanwhile, it’s unclear how much damage she caused to patrons who can never unsee what they saw.

Police: Lewd woman drops trou, attacks staff at Dick’s Drive-In [KOMONews.com]

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