If You’re Going To Follow Shopper Around A Store, Don’t Walk Into Video Of You Following Them

The key to being a stealthy follower is remaining undetected. So if the person you’re following around the convenience store is repeatedly able to catch you on camera behind him, pretending to do busy work, then you need to brush-up on your sneakiness skills.

In the below, hilarious Vine video, user “rashid polo” records multiples instances where the same store employee just happens to be behind him wherever he goes. And when he does get a moment to himself to record some audio, well… look who pops into frame:

[via @DavidDTSS]

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  1. Mokona512 says:

    It could just be that in order to save on costs, the store found a way to hire multiple of the same exact worker by hiring her for each day of the week, and then going back in time a large number of times (each a few minutes before the last, for each of the work days in the timeline), and then asked her if she would be willing to work in the future, and upon agreeing, she is taken to the present in a time machine to work in the store. It all works out perfectly as long as no one notices the paradox, or multiple of the same worker.

  2. mongo says:

    The kid is lucky he wasn’t wearing a hoodie, or this would have been the last time we saw him alive.