Police Searching For Man Seen On Security Video Urinating Into Store’s Mail Slot

Contrary to what you might believe, the world is not, in fact, your toilet. Which is why police in Scottsdale, AZ are looking for an unidentified man who was caught on camera peeing through the mail slot of a furniture store.

Public urination is not a victimless crime, as the furniture store ended up with a soiled rug and a bunch of ruined mail that had gone through the slot before the man decided to unzip on the street, reports AZCentral.com.

The store’s surveillance footage shows a man walking a dog past the building late one night, before he disappears from view for a few seconds. He returns, with unleashed dog following behind him, and seems to hesitate. Could he be wondering, “Can I hold it?” We will never know.

Perhaps in an attempt to show his dog how to do it, he then approaches the front door of the store, unzips his pants and answers the call of nature.

Police want anyone with information to call them. And I want anyone who can’t hold it to at least go find a dark, empty corner where such things won’t bother anyone.

Police: Man used mail slot as urinal in Scottsdale [AZCentral.com]

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