Why Bake With Cake Batter In A Can When You Can Just Open Your Mouth And Aim?

Get outta that pan, batter! (CBS Boston)

Get outta that pan, batter! (CBS Boston)

First of all, let’s all bow our heads and acknowledge the culinary efforts of a group of Harvard students who figured out how to put cake batter in a spray can [pause for acknowledgement]. Now that that’s done, don’t be silly, college kids! I don’t need to bake a cake — in the microwave, no less — with that invention, just spray it directly into my mouth for maximum tastiness.

Spray Cake started as a class project for the students, reports CBS Boston, and seemed kind of like a no-brainer to fill that important niche of sprayable edibles. Cheez Whiz, you are alone no more.

“Honestly, we were kind of shocked that it hadn’t been done before,” one of the students explains. “In the process of getting the patent made we were basically looking everywhere we could, high and low, for anyone who had done something like this in the past, but we couldn’t find it.”

The can is similar to a whipped cream container, and comes out of the nozzle pre-risen to cut down on baking time. Once you pop it in the microwave for a minute, it’s ready to eat.

The students say it’s organic and contains fewer chemicals than traditional box cakes. They’re now just looking for a local manufacturer, as they’ve already found a seller.

Again, get rid of the microwave. I’ll bake a cake in my stomach. That came out weirder than I meant it.

You can watch the video below if you’d like to see a guy dance near a microwave for a minute.

Spray Cake: Microwavable Cake Batter Invented By Harvard Students [CBS Boston]

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  1. Liberal says:

    gotta give them credit on several levels

  2. GnRJosh says:

    Ugh, not you too, Mary Beth Quirk. I hate when people make this mistake. Cheez Whiz is not a sprayable product. It comes in a jar or a SQUEEZE bottle, but is in no way sprayable. You’re thinking of Easy Cheese. Both are made by Kraft, but both serve entirely different purposes. Cheez Whiz is a cheese spread and is used for sandwiches (the almighty Philly Cheesesteak for starters) or putting on top of other foods, while Easy Cheese is sprayed from a can and is mainly used for crackers and cheap hors d’oeuvres. You COULD put it on other things, but why spend up to $4 on a few ounces of aerosol cheese product when you can spend the same on an 8oz jar of Cheez Whiz. Also, Easy Cheese does not melt right (it separates and gets really oily, where as Cheez Whiz gets really runny but still maintains the same color (unless you burn it).